2017 Goals

Theme: Become more of who I really am

I will achieve this by:
1. Regular healthy living,
2. Recognize triggers and stressors,
3. Exercise new thoughts and beliefs through new behaviors

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Emotional benefits of why you buy things

Great discussion on Motley Fool Answers Podcast: Emotional benefits of why you buy things

- Perception of Self - Cool, trendy, wealthy, popular, or desire to be perceived as wealthy, high status, accepted, accomplished, and desired -OR- savvy, responsible, practical.

- Use - I just want it, its the newest, I won't settle for less, saves time, Item serves purpose for which it meets a need.

- How this makes me feel about myself -  Example: I MUST be wealthy because I bought this expensive house, car, clothes, vacations, etc. (self-validation).  I'm happier, I've earned this, etc.

Make sure what you buy, you can afford and don't give a damn what others think about you.

Source: Motley Fool Answers http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2014/04/15/peculiar-traits-of-rich-people.aspx